Mental Physical Media sampler 2017, Vol. 2

Misplaced Prose:

as u wait 2 remember, the # 2 make that call
1 last kick, in the red
altered state, behind the bend


released April 4, 2017




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mental physical media New York, New York

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Track Name: loop's qool - As U Wait
lost @ sea, all u can see
sinkin in isolation, & indifference
will the tide ever turn?
from the start, all u could tell, no 1’s there 2 blame, adrift with the shift, fliping the switch .
who needs a mirror,
if u know what it looks like
2 afraid 2 think,
as u wait
2 remember the # 2 make that call
2 surrender, they say
when there’s nothing left, introduce urself
(it) works in mysterious ways, why even try 2 xpress?
this running sense, of ruting…ness
pulling away @ the end of the rope, 4 a little stretch.
let me listen as u type
well as it seems, they are 2 blind
2 glimpse what’s hidden in plain sight
if the shortest distance is a str8 line…
how come we can never get 2 far.

cc 2017 State of Denial songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: Martian from Venus - In The Red
late in the evening, as the sun sets
up & ready, 4 more of the same
hairless chin & well put 2gether
dress 2 suck seed, a little 2 late
down the lane, under the gaze
walking into another dead end
no dues to speak of
bleeding through, in the red.
leaving what’s safe 2 xperiment
catch the scent, under the spell
driven to run away
line & sinker, east of the fence
joined @ the hip, 2 make it rain
anything goes by happenstance
drop the hint, some other place
ink runs dry, in the red.
fishing 4 a job 2 do
eating it raw, under the moon
all things take some getting used 2
sideways down, ever changing mood.
cruisin’ with the wrong crowd
str8 ahead, tail lights fade 2 black
checking in , 4 guessing games
name the silhouette, in the red.
solid rack, 2 stop on my tracks
spotting more than meets the i
as they gather all around
njoying the view between the cracks
right across the stage
knowing stare, always in command
fallin’ smooth into thin air
broken arrow, in the red
fading fire, grass turns 2 grey
c u later, if u care
2 close the book, or turn the page?
can’t make up my mind, just yet.
don’t really need u 2 understand
sometimes silence, is all it takes
coming back 4 a different spin
one last kick, in the red.

cc 2017, State of Denial songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: Pseudo American - Behind the Bend
let me overview
the basic scheme
2 make ur move
then pull the strings
a wide left turn
along the way
some patterns develop
taking shape
show me where, 2 stress the blur
altered state, behind the bend…
adding tension bi-xtension
altered state behind the bend.
keeping momentum
pushing the envelop
preventive strike
under control yet in command
time, it takes
2 adjust the change
see it swell
shifting gears then fade away
looking 4 relief
slowly losing steam
gasping 4 air
dreidel spins inside the ring,

cc 2017_ State of Denial songs - ASCAP.