Mental Physical Media MixTape 2017 Vol. 1

Misplaced Prose:

falling through, looking away
therein lies the rub, pushing the stone uphill


released January 1, 2017

2 many 2 list, lest just say...the usual suspects and leave it @ that.



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mental physical media New York, New York

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Track Name: Falling Through - EM3W
so good ,down & out , making up without a plan
just a little 2 get a feel, toying with the leash,
breakin’ the mold 4 no reason, twichin’ 4 a bone 2 pick
running out of room, missing the spot 2 find the clue
scratching ur head @ the end of the table
bits 2 pieces, willing & able
clean slate about face, short change; tears in the rain
falling through
looking away
another night 2 spin the wheel; stretching 2 thin
in light discomfort, slowly sinking in
2nd 2 none deaf & numb, dead ends downhill
white lies, veiling the dark side, creeping round the bend
sold out soul, shopping 4 a chance, chasing after tail,
under wraps, secrets that u keep; did we miss the hint?.

cc2016 State of Denial songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: loop's cool - Sisyphus
sometimes …i wish,
2 make things, just disappear
2 b able 2 start again,
no baggage 2 drag me in
after all is said & done, it cannot b
therein lies the rub, so keep on pushing the stone
open up…& let it in
don’t hold back, make it stick
is not 2 hard, 2 realize
brace urself or wreck the ship
through the looking glass
distorted reflection
if what u c is what u get
who’s the 1 standing there?

cc 2016 State of Denial Songs - ASCAP.