Mental Physical Media sampler 2017, Vol.3

misplaced prose:

mother's nature, @ a lost 4 words
2 play 4 keeps, a different spin
2 many 2 hustle, why even bother?


released July 7, 2017

2 many 2 keep track off.



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mental physical media New York, New York

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Track Name: Martian from Venus - Mother's Nature
move away, she’s on the stick shift
stray from the hip, dying breed
draggin’ down main st.
mother’s nature?…@ a lost 4 words
keep ur distance, behind the blitz
2 fast 2 think about, the mess
draggin’ down main st.
mother’s nature?…@ a lost 4 words
stuck in the middl, fly on the wall
minding the bid, don’t let it slip
monkey with a wrench, breakin’ in
chomping @ the bit, 2 spin the wheel
going the distance, up & down
sway with the wind, 2 catch the drift
draggin’ down main st.
mother’s nature?…@ a lost 4 words.
keep ur place, beware the shakes
twisted turn of fate
right on edge, by the ledge
coming round…the bend again.

cc 2017_State of Denial songs_ASCAP.
Track Name: Pseudo American - A Different Spin
3rd rail, x-check 2 no avail
all worked up, pecking; on the fence.
downhill, licking the pin-prick
back stroke b4 the slide, going upside down.
tell me when,
2 play 4 keeps
no more turn tricks,
time 4 a different spin
the same things, applied 2 another scheme
upping the stakes, x-ing the line by holding still
pointlessly, 4ward motion in retreat
uneven keel, driftin’ sideways in-btween.
falling aftermath, @ the peak of nothingness
reaching out 2 find, no 1’s there
mindless games, 2 take a look in disbelief
judgement call, bent out of shape.

cc 2017 State of Denial songs - ASCAP
Track Name: EM3W - Why Even Bother?
blind trust, feeding on true lies
who’s 2 blame, or catch ur fall?
late evening, rustlin’ in the dusk
no 1, 2 blame, or take the fall
2 many 2 hustle
1 more face in the crowd
not worth the hassle
why even bother 2 try?…
missing the mark, hangin’ up 2 dry
pressing ahead, str8 laced
aiming 2 high 2 x- that line
made aware, could care less
off the beat, old tricks done 2 bits
plastic swipe 2 break the ice
taking charge, on the surface
user friendlies, waiting 4 their shot.
tap down, there 2 pin the nail
from bad 2 worse in quick strides
off the screen, won’t make it go away
double edge,…cuts both ways.
u knew all along,
who’s 2 blame, or catch ur fall?
wishing & hoping
4 some1, 2 blame…& take the fall.

cc 2017 State of Denial songs - ASCAP