Mental Physical Media sampler, 2016; Volume 2.

miss placed prose:

biding my time, tight squeeze
a little 2 late, 2 guess
a hint , is fair enough

1 is 2 little, 2 is not enuff, 3 may b the way 2 go
follow the script, reading b-tween the lines


released April 3, 2016

all tracks recorded @ indie 500 studios, astoria; ny.
all tracks mixed @ The Out of Control Room, astoria, ny.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: loop's qool - Tight Squeeze
windswept rain blows, the muse is feeling sick
bits drifting in a cinch, stringed beings
ordinary shell , dime a dozen incrementals
out of options, on the brink, ongoing concern.
biding my time, tight squeeze b-tween the inflexible
ill suited 4 a fit, given the situation
closer 2 the top, hidden files behind the wall
under the influence, out of touch around the clock
stretching the gap, pick ur poison in commotion
casual consequence, causal system in distress
in seclusion, intrinsic value; matter of fact
won't u level with me, there's nothing left 2 hide.
Track Name: Martian from Venus - A Little 2 Late
it's a little 2 late, 2 guess, y won't u stay?
it's a little 2 late, 2 think... let's take a chance.
gentle mist , fleeting breeze
swaying loose , across the street
cruising through the maddenin' crowd
now i know , she won't let us down
3 ways 2 score, 1 ride 2 get along
4get about the str8 & narrow minded
on this trip, come with me
taste the paint under neat
c u making it, below deck
2 early 2 tell, if u'd like the mess
let it go with the flow
i'll keep on pushin' without a word.

2016 state of denial songs
2016 ascap
Track Name: Pseudo American - Fair Enough
self centered, looking 4 some common ground
ever elusive key, minor spin b4 breakin' out
of a progressive stripe, swinging b-tween 7 & 9
pairing 4 a nip in the bud, throwing the towel in style
right on top of it all, 4get about the silt @ the core
in the big scheme of things, a little hint is fair enough
taking a closer look, trying 2 make up the lay of the land
no # turns or flat tires, caged wildlife ready 2 emerge
free rein 2 play, if u cut both ways i'm game
beg, borrow or even steal, bite ur lips in service of this thrill
is good 2 know, then wait 4 the next shoe 2 drop
the more we talk the less we'll hear about the lost
& so the story goes...
Track Name: Hecktor & The Messin'gers - 123
when 1 is 2 little
& 2 is not enuff
3 may b the way 2 go
is that...what we r looking 4?
sometimes is hard
2 realize i'm not the only 1
given the chance...
we can always venture a 2nd guest
with this many options
it won't b ez 2 make up ur mind
@ a glance, quite a catch
so nice & up 4 grabs
looking good can b ok.
i know it seems 2 complicated
acting cool doing what it takes
it's only a matter of time
Track Name: loop's qool - Follow The Script
it took awhile, 2 make it this far
across magnetic fields, beyond the stop sign
follow the script , reading between the lines
as the plot evolves; cueing 4 clues 2 fill the blanks
follow the script, seeing through the lies
as the tale unfolds, searching 4 ways 2 unwind
doing this 4 so long, coming of age on the run
searching 4 relief, avoidance through approach
pushing the envelope, in due respect... what matters most
connecting the dots, sourcing the code.
xpressing an interest, silent partners in kind
relieving the impulse, xausting the tap