Mental Physical Media sampler 2016, Vol 4.

misplaced prose:

cruising 4 a chance, in between the waves
need some relief, where 2 begin !?
nothing quite like it, across the stream

shaken 2 the teeth, dabbling on the edge
out of line, 12 steps... 2 nothingness
lay down the snare, let’s c what happens next!

pieces of paper 2 put it 2gether
all is fair, haze in the shade


released October 9, 2016

2 many 2 mention...



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Track Name: Pseudo American - In Between The Waves
always on display, without a moment 2 spare
looking 4, a way out
cruising 4 a chance
2 catch the breeze…
in between the waves
growing up 2 soon 2 tell, tuned in b4 the play
a little 2 late 2 change the script
sidewinders , taken in stride
@ a glance, ready 4 another ride
without a ploy & out of place, refusing 2 bend ur will
passing time 2 make it worthwhile
perfect stranger 2 the clan, getting used 2 in style
familiar with the layers of lies

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: Hecktor & The Mess'ingers - Where 2 Begin !?
i know this may come as a shock
but b-lieve me, it’s been brewin’ awhile in the pot
some thing r just, not as they seems 2 b
4 better or worse, we drift with the flow
along the way, we got stuck in this lane
the heat is on, & gettin’ 2 my head
can’t stand the pressure, need some relief
don’t even know where 2 begin’!
so used 2 getting used, may as well b-come user friendly. all inclusive 4 a fee
lay down 2 chill, and i’ll tell u
the sweet lies u want 2 hear!
better b told what 2 do
2 b able 2 blame, someone else
y?… stick ur neck out
if the takeaway, is only a broken tale

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: loop's qool - Across The Stream
me & the cubicle, we really get along
i cannot wish 4 another place, 2 let myself go 2 waste
living the life, inside the box
no better spot 2 conform, when there’s no choice
nothing quite like it , the illusion of indieviduality
someone’s watching; behind the glass
across the stream…
typing away, unlike some other games people play
supra zeroes on the prowl, scavenging food 4 thought
u think u know what u want, while been told what 2 do
how can u pin the blame?, when i’m not even there.
reams of data..always on top,
bottom line: feeding ur crave 4 wonderlust
unsafe in the knowledge, there’s nowhere 2 run.

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: Martian from Venus - Shaken
better move on, nothing goin’ down here
remain as u r , it’ll be alright …
take it in stride, is just another ride.
keep it 2 urself, got 2 check out of this place
retracing steps 4 the missing link,
around the bend
shaken 2 the teeth, glass half full 2 empty
small cracks breachin’ the surface
dabbling…on the edge
u can only go so far…what, when, where or why?
who cares in the end…
if out of control, & upside down
no 1 ever… gets their away
whatever it takes
2 handle with care, feel the rush; standing still
ever changing moods, trying 2 hold ur ground
there’s not enuff room 2 roam
with ur back against the wall

cc2016 state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: Pseudo American - 12 Steps
unlike some other tools,
getting used 2 under pressure
setting the tone, aiming 2 strike the core
disfunctional hopes on hold
fading into the blu
shape of things, missing forms ; against the norm
out of line & played 4 awhile
lost in the shuffle, without a ride
pointed fingers, a little 2 late
12 steps , 2 nothingness.
in the 40’s & out of gas
slowly closing the gap
begging the question
while knocking around
in silent consent,
motion detector… within range
unable 2 contain,
under the influence
no need 2 introduce urself
slipping & sliding like no 1 else
coming 2 prominence
through up & downs, fit 2 scale.

cc2016 State of Denial Songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: Art&Fact - Lay Down The Snare
resolutions & con-tributions,
1 last chance 2 make sense
convolution then dissolution
@ once on the run, with the setting sun
inorganic elements, 2 sick 2 pick ur poison
6 o’clock dinner talk, 2 set the wheels in motion
a ho’listic approach always works best,
lay down the snare, let’s c what happens next!
lonely dots, seeking 2 join a sentence
2 finish in style, catchphrase along the line
made sure 2 4get, what this was all about
main thing is, meantime 2 stick it out
2 finish the grift, need 2 know the score
seems 2 b the case, there’s a loopwhole
4ward request, 4 some kind of check
on balance , what’s the take away?

cc 2016 State of Denial Songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: loop's qool - Pieces of Paper
pieces of paper 2 send a message
pieces of paper 2 write a song
medium of xchange 4 hopes and regrets
another way 2 set a play on words
pieces…pieces of paper
pieces, pieces galore.
pieces of paper 2 take a test
pieces of paper 2 measure stress
a formal sketch 4 resolutions
made 2 b broken, in the end
pieces, pieces of paper
spread all over the place ( floor )
pieces of paper 2 read a statement
pieces of paper 2 sign away
no rhyme or reason between the lines
missing the small print, a fact of life
pieces, pieces of paper
piece of mind in con-promise…
pieces of paper 2 pay ur dues
pieces of paper 2 find a clue
what’s the meaning of this nonsense
a forest… falling through
pieces, pieces of paper…
piling up to the roof
pieces of paper 2 put it 2gether
pieces of paper 2 thicken the plot
taken 4 granted …
can’t tell what’s lost from the empty spot!
pieces of paper… dotting the lines.

cc 2016 State of Denial Songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: Martian from Venus - Pondering
selling ur soul 4 fool’s gold
jumping hoops in the line of fire
on display so every1 can c
carried away with the scheme
breakin’ loose to nurse ur ghost
ugly under the gun
while the kitten purrs
don’t let it slide…as the tables turn
without a trace, twist of fate
not giving anything away
who’s 2 say, what comes next?
let’s not even go there…
last i heard, u won’t tell
all is fair, haze in the shade…

cc2016 State of Denial Songs - ASCAP.