Mental Physical Media Sampler 2016, Vol. 3

Misplaced Prose:

Trying 2 blieve the meaning, through different shades of grey
entropic, psychotropic; misantropic
swing & shout b4 the music stops, on the down low


released July 3, 2016



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Track Name: Pseudo American - Entropic
the way downhill, is easier 2 ride than it seems
matter of fact , a pattern develops by the 3rd strike
along the line sinkin in despondency,
taking notes, for future reference needs
entropic, psychotropic
a little paranoid, & misanthropic
uneasy on the i's, formless funktion on dissplay
convolution in the air, uneven surface 2 survey
alternating strokes, 4 nitpicking folk
played in style, under the thumb
in closing remarks, given signal 2 comply
end credits, dragging like a flat tire
major spin, deceptive bends 4 a stint
losing sight , just in time 2 miss the call.
Track Name: EM3W - Down Low
busting @ the seams, pushing str8 ahead
playing the #'s, @ home on the range
right here, wandering mind
looking around, 4 the way out
swing & shout b4 the music stops
glass half empty , fooled by the last call
no more nice time, got 2 move on
trying 2 get a grip, on the down low
weak ends @ a lost 4 words
wouldn't wish this on ur worst frenemy
coming undone, inside information
sticking to your gums, nobody knows
lose the... , fugly shelf
no 1 likes it, even 4 a minute
sober up,
or cover us
don't tell, who cares 2 know
if u stay, fair enuff
2 keep it up, just let it go
holding on 2 stand the toll

cc 2016
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