Mental Physical Media sampler 2016, Vol 4.

misplaced prose:

cruising 4 a chance, in between the waves
need some relief, where 2 begin !?
nothing quite like it, across the stream


released October 9, 2016

2 many 2 mention...



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Track Name: Pseudo American - In Between The Waves
always on display, without a moment 2 spare
looking 4, a way out
cruising 4 a chance
2 catch the breeze…
in between the waves
growing up 2 soon 2 tell, tuned in b4 the play
a little 2 late 2 change the script
sidewinders , taken in stride
@ a glance, ready 4 another ride
without a ploy & out of place, refusing 2 bend ur will
passing time 2 make it worthwhile
perfect stranger 2 the clan, getting used 2 in style
familiar with the layers of lies

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: Hecktor & The Mess'ingers - Where 2 Begin !?
i know this may come as a shock
but b-lieve me, it’s been brewin’ awhile in the pot
some thing r just, not as they seems 2 b
4 better or worse, we drift with the flow
along the way, we got stuck in this lane
the heat is on, & gettin’ 2 my head
can’t stand the pressure, need some relief
don’t even know where 2 begin’!
so used 2 getting used, may as well b-come user friendly. all inclusive 4 a fee
lay down 2 chill, and i’ll tell u
the sweet lies u want 2 hear!
better b told what 2 do
2 b able 2 blame, someone else
y?… stick ur neck out
if the takeaway, is only a broken tale

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ASCAP.
Track Name: loop's qool - Across The Stream
me & the cubicle, we really get along
i cannot wish 4 another place, 2 let myself go 2 waste
living the life, inside the box
no better spot 2 conform, when there’s no choice
nothing quite like it , the illusion of indieviduality
someone’s watching; behind the glass
across the stream…
typing away, unlike some other games people play
supra zeroes on the prowl, scavenging food 4 thought
u think u know what u want, while been told what 2 do
how can u pin the blame?, when i’m not even there.
reams of data..always on top,
bottom line: feeding ur crave 4 wonderlust
unsafe in the knowledge, there’s nowhere 2 run.

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ASCAP.