Mental Physical Media Sampler 2016, Vol. 3

Misplaced Prose:

Trying 2 blieve the meaning, through different shades of grey
entropic, psychotropic; misantropic
swing & shout b4 the music stops, on the down low
street rhymes, from the top sinkin' in
feel the heat,interfacing on demand
question the answers, substitutions 2 keep it cool
popping the chill pills, 2 make it through the time lapse
lucky 13. give it a shot; then wait & c
uneven split, call it quits; fair enuff, seal the deal

in disregard 4 common sense, restraining order all the way
keep ur distance, time is running out non-stop


released July 3, 2016



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Pseudo American - Entropic
the way downhill, is easier 2 ride than it seems
matter of fact , a pattern develops by the 3rd strike
along the line sinkin in despondency,
taking notes, for future reference needs
entropic, psychotropic
a little paranoid, & misanthropic
uneasy on the i's, formless funktion on dissplay
convolution in the air, uneven surface 2 survey
alternating strokes, 4 nitpicking folk
played in style, under the thumb
in closing remarks, given signal 2 comply
end credits, dragging like a flat tire
major spin, deceptive bends 4 a stint
losing sight , just in time 2 miss the call.
Track Name: EM3W - Down Low
busting @ the seams, pushing str8 ahead
playing the #'s, @ home on the range
right here, wandering mind
looking around, 4 the way out
swing & shout b4 the music stops
glass half empty , fooled by the last call
no more nice time, got 2 move on
trying 2 get a grip, on the down low
weak ends @ a lost 4 words
wouldn't wish this on ur worst frenemy
coming undone, inside information
sticking to your gums, nobody knows
lose the... , fugly shelf
no 1 likes it, even 4 a minute
sober up,
or cover us
don't tell, who cares 2 know
if u stay, fair enuff
2 keep it up, just let it go
holding on 2 stand the toll

cc 2016
state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: loop's qool - Street rhymes
mining on the classics,
paying due respect,
2 the not so distant past.
connecting some loose ends.
street rhymes,
ringing in my ears,
back 2 where it all began
from the top sinking in…
everything you’ll ever need
make ur move & seal the deal
mastermind the br8kout strike
check the decks, don’t let it slide
nothing’s safe,
2 many choices on dissplay
letting loose, ready 2 unwind
ez target out 4 a run, on the brink
Track Name: Martian from Venus - Feel the Heat
@ a glance, not a pretty sight
silent treatment driving me nuts
quit beating around the bush?
set me str8 and br8k it through !
the other remains blameless
so as not 2 b so xtreme
head down, i’s closed
wake up call, off the grid
useless advice,
ez does it wishing well
picking up the pieces, on the fence
pay the tax, 2 care less
feel the heat, ( when it hits )
interfacing on demand
boy toys with the girl
say no more, i won’t tell - b my guest!
on a daze, under that guise
many ways 2 x the line
can’t stand the pressure,
out of steem 2 take it back
through the hoops with the linx,
off the stage & on the brink
2 late… 2 run 4 cover
c it c oming 4 a price,

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ASCAP
Track Name: Pseudo American - Substitutions
show me the way
through some common sense
@ the top voicing concern
not just, another turn
changing the subject,
given the 3rd degree
fallin’ flat on your on ur feet
7th heaven under the skin
question the answers
b4 ending on a sour note
what’s the point of the tale
if there’s 3 ways 2 unfold.
on shaky ground
after taking a closer look
always on the hook
substitutions, 2 keep it cool
going the distance
disrupting the state of affairs
1 time 2 many by choice
taking away the chance
2 late 2 stop the scheme
is hard 2 4get how we got here
minor oversight major compromise
nothing left …2 say
leading by example
whatever it takes
setting the bar 2 high
2 steps behind what’s next
going with the flow
there’s no turning back the page
missing the call @ play
hit & run way off base

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: EM3W - Chill Pills
let’s go, turn that ringer off
monday mourning, crack of dawn
shave the hair, draw the line
let’s get reeling, is that bad!
talk is cheap
out 4 a stroll
something’s missing
yet who cares 2 know!
popping the chill pills, 2 drift 4 awhile
sell me all the flavors money can buy
popping the chill pills, as prescribed
help me make it through this time lapse
give it up, screens off
tuesday 4play, on short supply
running low, painting’s peeling dry,
hanging tight, main drag on the draft
best shot,
on the down low
can’t get enuff
when the heat is on
pop, pop; popping the chill pills ( 2 )
stock & stuff, the price is right
cold sweat, tingling the spine

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: loop's qool - Lucky 13
sublime xcursions, truth or dare 2 dig in
on the stream, leading me, let’s trace the wave 2 infinity
striving 2 keep the pace, up & down or sideways
x-ing the line, just 2 taste, short & sweet maiden lane.
lucky 13, give it a shot; then wait & c
360 d’grees, everything counts; 2 make ends meet
smooth operator, transition in style
getting a grip on the groove, precise move 2 fill the gap
xhausting the options, drenched in cold sweat
winding down after the ride, wake up! right on time 2 get by
bits & pieces fallin’ apart, sortin’ out the mix 2 match how 2 make sense of this collusion course, shapin’ up without a plot.

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ASCAP
Track Name: Martian from Venus - Call it Quits
u can’t hardly wait …2 step away
& i don’t really know what 2 say
how bad could it possibly get?
feeling so sick and run down
is ez 2 tell u no longer want 2 b around
co-dependent, far 2 long
it’s hard 2 face it, 4 what is worth
there’s no need, we had enuff
let’s find some way out of here
how many more lies will it take 2 get ur fill
uneven split, call it quits
seems fair enuff, since the thrill is gone
just seal the deal
what’s the point in turning back?
with nothing left behind!
the answer is hiding in plain sight
the flood is coming, across the fence
the escape clause is there 2 bail
this is not the time… 2 let it slip again

cc 2016 state of denial songs/ascap
Track Name: Pseudo American - Restraining Order
as long as they pull the strings, in 7th heaven
nothing 2 fret about, only good vibrations
shakin’ the 3, going through insertions
fever pitch, on 5th gear … fun da mental
in disregard, 4 common sense
faking it 2 keep the window dressed
across the fence, lost in the maze
restraining order, all the way
silent witless, on uneven plane
giving what it takes, up 2 the neck
missing pieces, rated fail safe
1 last try, b4 the bail
figures and #’s, playing tricks
taking sides, on a flip of the switch
hitting the stride, without missing a bit
working ur way out, on 2 another trip.

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ascap
Track Name: EM3W - Keep Ur Distance
wrong turns from the get go
waking up always takes a toll
could be worse
plain 2 c, can barely stand it
coming out
across the board
won’t br8k the bank
trading places, moving along
the line will crawl, send a postcard
ladies in waiting 4 ur shot
who’s 2 tell when is enuff!
keep ur distance
from the center, of the storm
1st dib scratch under the surface
time is running out, nonstop
not a pretty sight compared 2 last nite
i’ll remember not 2
push it through
get away b4 given take
off the beaten path
up 2 some other game

cc 2016 state of denial songs - ascap